About us

Type. Art app is a unique platform for showcasing your art in a fun interactive way.

Users can download you art and use it to create stories, share messages and inspire people.

How it works

1. Sign up for our artist program (form below)

2. We will send you content instructions according to your art field (Music/ motion design etc.)

3. Upload your art to our system

4. Your art is ready on Type.Art!

5. Get paid on purchased art packs, and get ready for lots of users feedback and LOOOOVE

What can I get from it?

Ahmm... The joy of sharing the world with your art?


you will get 50% of each art pack you will sell on the platform (our app packs have a standard price of 0.99$)

Your art will be featured on our website, facebook, instagram & Twitter

Users will see your media links while browsing your art on Type.Art


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